Role of Service Apartment in Medical Tourism

Medical tourism in India is growing at a fast rate every year. Service apartments in medical tourism are one of the new popular trends among medical tourists. India is home to many multi-specialty hospitals equipped with ultra high tech medical equipment. Although all western and developed countries have these facilities but the treatment cost is very expensive. It is very difficult for a common man in Western countries to take advantage of these facilities. In contrast, in a developing country like India, these services are available in minimum cost. This has made India a home for medical tourism. Every year people from developed and underdeveloped countries are pursuing India's medical industry at a rapid pace due to getting world-class treatment at a cheaper price. Medical tourism is a very lucrative and burgeon industry of India and its net worth is $ 2.3 billion (Source: Confederation of Indian Industry). India's medical tourism sector is experiencing an annual growth rate of 30% which is by no means a small feat.

These treatments are often very costly and go for a long duration. Patients prefer to find an alternative rather than staying in an expensive hotel. Cost, impersonal service, inability to cook, lack of space are some of the primary issues that the patient and his family prefer to stay in a cheap budget service apartments.
Serviced apartments offer many benefits, making it the perfect choice for medical tourists. Here are some reasons that make it a lucrative option for medical tourists:

• Privacy, Comfort and Hygiene.
• Close Proximity to the hospital other facilities.
• Cost-effective for a long duration stay.
• Spacious as family members may also be staying.
• Special food requirements and the ability to cook for oneself.
• Adequate transport to the hospital and nearby places.
• A well-mannered housekeeping staff.
• 2-Privacy, comfort, and hygiene.

Medical tourists often travel with their families. Hence, they choose such places to live, which can be peaceful and provide a comfortable family environment for their quick recovery. Serviced apartments are an ideal option in that case. Most service apartments are private property. They are filled with essential facilities keeping in mind the basic necessities of a family. A serviced apartment comes with its fully loaded private kitchen and living room ensuring a comfortable stay. Keeping in mind the different food needs of the patient and the family, one can cook a meal without relying on unhealthy food.

Close Proximity to the Hospital Other Facilities

This is one of the major concerns of a Medial tourist. They might have to travel a lot to the hospital for a routine checkup. The People running this industry know this very well hence most of the time service apartments are located in close proximity to the hospitals. Supermarkets, transport facilities, medical shops, ATM and other prime locations are easily accessible.

Cost-Effective for a Long Duration Stay

Medical tourists often stay for a long duration according to their medical needs. This can make a big hole in the budget. This can further cause a financial crack if one is accompanied by family. Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon provides cost-effective accommodation catering to the need of patients. They are available in fewer budgets with all the basic amenities.

Spacious as Family Members May Also Be Staying

This is one of the great qualities of service apartments, they are available according to the size i.e.; Studio Apartments, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom & Three Bedroom Serviced Apartments. Some people even offer their bungalow on rent. Medical patients are often accompanied by family members and sometimes their relatives or friends might want to pay them a visit. A spacious serviced apartment can provide a wonderful gathering
Since a medical patient is often with one, two or a whole family, it becomes easy to choose any serviced apartment according to their finances and needs.

Special Food Requirements and the Ability to Cook for Oneself

The patient's food is often very light and non regular. Matching the right diet to the right patients is part of the treatment. Although major hotels provide all the necessary food but still maintaining a food diet for a patient is one specific task. Serviced apartments provide this facility to cook hygienic meals according to the needs of the patient.

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