Partnering Our Success

The concept of service apartment has been evolved by Lime Tree Hospitality based on the needs of the millennial traveler. The new generation systems and services have replaced the older, wasteful conventions of the past. Hence, the guests will get stellar features and dynamic service with the added benefit of a hyperlocal address. All this reinvention has resulted in a new kind of living spaces that’s being optimized for comfort, efficiency, convenience, and affordability.

Asset Ownership by Partner

Before we set up, we assess the space. Transparent property ownership title? How big is it? Where is it? Guests profiles & numbers most likely to visit? These answers help us decide a suitable franchise of service apartment for your spaces that will make it stand out and perform better than the competition.

We have only one mission to have occupancy and continuous growth in revenue by bringing quality living spaces and assurance for our partner for continuing growth and revenue streams. We deploy and adapt all technological edges to achieve available to us: Apps, Website, Call Centre and Corporate Sales Advisors - all personalized to make sure maximum business every day, every week, every month.

Property Makeover

We can make all manner of tweaks and changes from structural changes to partial makeovers and minor aesthetic touches, to be best suited for our guests. However, the property is fine in our checks &balances; we’re okay with that too.
We transpire your real estate to provide a memorable guest experience. Once the guests are happy, everyone’s happy.

Financial Support

Our strategic partnerships with financial institutions would offer loans to completely raise the entire structures, upgrading space for fitment & equipment, working capital or any other needs.