Lime Tree 2BHK Service Apartment

The luxurious two Bed Hall Kitchen 2 BHK apartments are stunningly designed, ergonomically spacious with aesthetically designed furniture & furnishing for interiors. These spaces are spread over 1500 square feet of floor area and all rooms are fitted with Wooden Storage, and have ample natural lighting & ventilation for a comfortable healthy and joyous living. The personalized rooms with independence of privacy are extremely important for an absolutely objective guest. These spaces provides the liberties of separating living areas, while all members or the family still remains integral to each other under same roof. The unparalleled highly rated accommodations have the backing of a well groomed professional support team. The plentiful amenities, such as full utility kitchen with microwave, refrigerator, pots with each day cleaning services of entire space including toilets.The guests can also order for extra bedding and related items & articles for his complete convenience. The entire peace of mind of a guest and his all concern i.e. security, homogeneous feel, remains a challenge for Lime Tree Hospitality management to establish successfully for the guests delight.

The Guests would cherish the wonderful memories of Lime Tree Hospitality for a lifetime.

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