Medical treatment comes with lots of problems and challenges. People who travel for medical treatment often have to stay in a different city or country for a longer period of time. A longer stay means fatigue and lots of hustle as one has to arrange for many necessities.

Because of the cheap medical treatment compared to other countries, India is slowly emerging as a hub for medical tourism from all over the world. Every year the number of medical tourists is growing rapidly and this trend will go higher as the metro cities like Delhi NCR, Gurugram, Noida are able to offer the best services to its customers. These service apartments give a homely feeling and comfort to the medical tourist and their families on a much reliable budget and accommodation.

Staying in hotels or paying guest houses is a good option but generally, it comes with many obstacles and disadvantages. Medical tourists generally prefer to stay in proximity to hospitals. Also finding a place where all of his companions or family members could stay with him makes it more imperative. Serviced Apartments, offer several advantages over hotels and guest houses making it the perfect destination choice for medical tourists. Here are some of the reasons why service apartment are considered as the best possible option for medical tourists:

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Plenty of Space and Full Privacy:-

Arguably the hotel room for a medical tourist or anybody is also a private room to maintain privacy but it does not provide a big space because of the budget constraints. On the other hand, a serviced apartment offers a more flexible option. The owners of the serviced apartments are very well familiar with the needs of a tourist and his family. They rent the whole property for a period of time and make sure to respect the privacy of the tourist. Tourists can purchase rent out of these serviced apartments in Gurgaon according to their needs and do not have to worry about a big hole in the pocket.

Fully Equipped Ultra Kitchen:-

Food and proper diet are part of any tourist and the serviced apartment has this facility for the tourists to cook meals according to the doctor prescribed for them. The kitchens are well equipped with all kinds of cookware besides Stovetop, induction, Refrigerator, Microwave, etc.

This is one of the big advantages of renting serviced apartments for medical tourism as they can easily maintain the necessary hygiene.

Additional Services:-

Some serviced apartments provide more advanced facilities like Gym, swimming pool, vehicle and sometimes concierge too. These services can be available in a hotel but with a serviced apartment, they come with a minimum budget thus again saving a lot of money for the tourist.

Proximity to the Hospital and Medical Dispensaries:-

A medical tourist might need to go to a hospital anytime for an emergency checkup. Having close proximity to the hospital makes it easier to visit the hospital frequently and also if there is a need to purchase the medicine outside then medical dispensaries are also nearby.

Best Option for Family or Group Stays:-

Huge lofts or individual cabins offer availability to live more serenely with the whole family. This gets very significant in the event that you accompany your family for you’re drawn out treatment. Condos have different rooms, a typical living zone, and separate restrooms.

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