Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida are the primary locations for multinational companies to choose their corporate offices. In the last decade, the NCR region has seen massive growth in big multinational companies. This influx of a booming economy brings a lot of options for real estate investors and Service apartments are one of them. The hospitality sector has benefited from these trends and consequently, new trends for renting service apartments are getting popularity day by day.


Due to the ever-increasing publicity of corporate companies, the trend of guest houses is becoming common. In recent years, the number of Guest Houses in Gurgaon and Delhi has increased, and with the abundance of choice, it has become important for travelers to make an informed choice.

As travelers are using service apartments for various reasons, they must be aware of factors while choosing a perfect service apartment for their stay. The following are some of the factors that cover the aspects of all the travelers and you can consider them before deciding on the question type.

What is the Primary Purpose of your visit?

If you are visiting a city for business, or corporate conferences then it’s highly advisable to choose a professionally run service apartment or guest house. Such service apartments are mostly in the city center and have the facility of working from home. Such service apartments are built to suit the needs of professionals; Such as high-speed free Wi-Fi, car availability to attend meetings and proximity to the business center. Professional housekeeping staff is available 24 hours to look after the guests and their needs. Some of them have even a gym and swimming pool facilities for relaxation.

How many People are Traveling with you?

Guest houses often offer very attractive offers for large groups of travelers. On such an occasion, guest houses prove to be a better and economical option than hotels. If you are also traveling in a large group, you can check the prices of different service apartments at websites selling travel packages.,,,, etc are such websites that provide a complete overview of a property.

If you are traveling alone then look for a guest house offering different room sizes, good quality guest houses will give you the option to book rooms of different configurations that suit your needs.

What is your Budget?

Creating a proper budgeting plan should always be the priority of travelers. A proper budgeting plan can help in deciding a service apartment suited to the needs of customers. Some luxury service apartments offer a wonderful option as they fall between a 5-star hotel and a budget guest house. These service apartments are not just luxurious in ambiance also very cheap and budgeted. A good quality room in a Luxury Guest house would cost you USD 55 to 70 per night whereas the same would cost you at least USD 150 to 200 a night in a big 5-star hotel. Travelers must avoid the cheap prices of service apartments. These kinds of properties are not managed very well and later can create many problems.

What Kind of Facilities are you looking for?

Prices of service apartments vary as per the facilities they provide also having a prime location matters a lot. Generally, almost all the service apartments are offering basic amenities like cooking services, wifi, but services like a gym, restaurant, elevators, taxi services depending on your needs and budget. Although some of the service apartments in Gurugram offer cable TV and taxi services at good prices. Some of the guest luxury services apartments even offer cable TV networks in multiple languages for international travelers.

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Is The Staff Professionally Trained?

A professionally well-trained staff understands the needs of its customers. They are quick to respond to customer queries and deal very professionally with any kind of hurdle. A professionally well-trained staff helps you to break the language barrier hence forming a proper communication channel become easy. It’s also extremely beneficial for the service apartments as well as they can easily understand the needs of their customers. If a service apartment has a poorly trained staff, then chances are it’s missing out on a relatively low-cost way of overall improvement.

Taking an Online Review of the Property?

Before making the final payment make sure to check the online review of the property other travelers have left for them. These reviews will help to get an overview of their services, policies, and staff. It will also help you to get the possible advantages and disadvantages. Also do not forget to check the accreditation given by the ministry of tourism or any other relevant authority.

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