Yern for Guests Delight –

The Service Apartments in Gurugram is an amazing option for a very comfortable stay, either for a short or long duration. The concept transpires way ahead of budgetary hotels in a real sense for the avid travellers without pinching their pocket & planned expenditures. The Service Apartment property would accommodate an entire family in independent rooms with privacy, yet very close to take care of each other and would enjoy a very harmoniousfamily ethos environment vis-à-vis budgetary hotels. The properties of Lime Tree Service Apartments are in peaceful residential zoneswith zero levels of air or noise pollutionsand netscapedof serene views of nestled greens around.A hotel would anyway be in a congested area, populated with traffic, devoid of a pure residential estate.

The Lime Tree Service Apartments are located at very strategic demographic spaces, that commuting to any nearby locations are well accessed by all modes of transport without the hassle and chaos of crowd or traffic. Theconcept of Service Apartments stay can be listed for numerous benefits including choice for food. Guests,without restrictions can choose from a host of cuisines from a league of restaurants, food outlets or street vendors. However, the guests can alwaysserve theirappetite from food & beveragesthru Lime Tree Hospitality pantry services, even at odd hours for their orders. The Service Apartment concept is a sunrise vista for travel tourism and hospitality business, when compared to contemporary options.

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The Living Spaces Designed Ergonomically –

The thoughtfully designed rooms are well appointed with very comfortable beds and the alignment of furniture optimizes convenient space for a safe physical movement for habitants. The neat &cleanrooms are maintained for highest level of hygiene &cleanliness and being monitored at micro level by a professionally team of house keepers. The co-ordination, since the time of a booking till arrival at our front office and being extended for a true guest welcome warmth i.e. Atithi Devo Bhava – the Indian Credo remains synonymous at all serviced apartments & properties on anvil by Lime Tree Hospitality.

The Envy League of Blue Sky Zone –

The Service Apartments in Gurugram is specifically more of Blue Ocean in the nearby vicinity with the kind of amenities on offer. In addition to purposeful needs of a secluded traveller, the city does offers a plethora of services, including world-class Health &, Medical Institutions, Businesses & Leisure. The city is shopper’s paradise with so many malls and grandeur of top global brands with access to banking and financial services at his door step. The Gurugram is also a very historic city with many places being achieved around and well connected to all major cities and routes across INDIA. It does have a very close nitygrity with world renowned places like Taj Mahal- Agra, Vrindavan, Mathura and Pink City-Jaipur.